Monday, December 13, 2010

It's A Date!

Living in New York City can become quite stressful at times.  The high cost of living forces us to work numerous hours to make ends meet, and we can easily find ourselves in a rut of work/sleep mode, where we do nothing but work and sleep.  So, in order for us to actually have lives, some of my girlfriends and I have created our own personal "date night."  Just like the hot babes on Sex and the City, we have made a pact to gather for our favorite meal - Sunday Brunch!  We thought it would be fun to document these excursions and allow our readers to join in on our journeys.  Here, we will provide restaurant information, menu and cocktail selections, and rate them accordingly based on our experience there.  We will also discuss hot topics each week, trying to solve the issues we encounter in our daily lives.   Join us in our celebration of foodie friendship!